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SCREAM - X. Trayon Clow [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
X. Trayon Clow

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SCREAM [Oct. 25th, 2007|02:59 pm]
X. Trayon Clow
[Current Mood |weirdweird]
[Current Music |misfits-scream]

So I was looking through my old journal and Holly's old journal and I came across mostly hilarious stuff, and some depressing stuff. Mostly just quotes.

Anyways, here we go:

***The stuff in quotations are direct quotes from my old el-jay. Lol. ***

PS I apologize if I'm totally embaressing someone by posting these quotes.
But it's not like they're not already posted for everyone to see on my old LJ.
So suck it up.

ashley once said (5:54:56 PM): Hahaha yes. I want to do my own porn and I want to incorperate whips, tripodes, various modules, many components, giant fernz, patterned backpacks, and lots of driveway heat.
ashley once said (5:55:09 PM): all into the porn that is
ashley once said (5:55:17 PM): yes, that would make me cum all over.

ashley once said: mine are not either because i just put some lotion on the hands.

iwantaBLACKjetta (4:14:15 PM): yes seriously why are her lips grey
ashley once said (4:14:23 PM): it's gross
ashley once said (4:14:32 PM): its cause shes from iraq or something


ashley once said: oops sorry i have nair on my lips i cant concentrate

ashley once said: hahahaha booty bam on my swift whip moduels

ashley once said: HAHA COOL

IwantaBLACKjetta: i want to bake brownies but my mom boiled all the eggs
xAgentxEmo: hahaha uh yo momma is nasty
xAgentxEmo: she be boilin eggs uuh
IwantaBLACKjetta: you know where eggs come from?
xAgentxEmo: my anus?
IwantaBLACKjetta: a chickens uterus
xAgentxEmo: hahahaha
xAgentxEmo: I KNEW IT
IwantaBLACKjetta: hahahaa
xAgentxEmo: they also come from my uterus
IwantaBLACKjetta: me too
IwantaBLACKjetta: i have eggs in all of my uteri
IwantaBLACKjetta: but i stole them from you
IwantaBLACKjetta: my face is oily
IwantaBLACKjetta: -thumbs down-
xAgentxEmo: my face is oily too

DreamofblooD27: i only like some black people
DreamofblooD27: the nice ones

DreamofblooD27: remember that one time? on myspace?

Holly Lyke Whoa: hey do youu have the answer to number 436c on the physics AP homework?
Holly Lyke Whoa: and did you take notes in Calculus AP? i wasnt paying attention, i was busy practicing my lines for Beauty and The Beast while giving money to starving children.

ashley once said: you love porn. aha. im telling everyone
tofeelnolove: your telling every one i love porn, or that i totally just died?
ashley once said: both.

ashley once said: don't masturbate too much now
tofeelnolove: sure

KILLABALLS2: u wana cyber
ashley once said: not really
KILLABALLS2: u dont do that any more
KILLABALLS2: ur tha only person i did it wit

ashley once said: manG i gots crap in my throat ew
heartbreaker hXc: hahahahaa
heartbreaker hXc: stop eating poop ashley
heartbreaker hXc: we've talked about this
ashley once said: oooh sorry haha i cant help it the textures were calling to me
heartbreaker hXc: i understand
heartbreaker hXc: but its dangerous to your health
ashley once said: no its not
ashley once said: im 16, i can eat all the poop i want.
heartbreaker hXc: you may have a great time eating poop when youre in the moment
heartbreaker hXc: but it can cause serious problems both pyhsically and mentally in the long run
heartbreaker hXc: think long and hard before you do it next time
heartbreaker hXc: say to yourself "is this poop really worth it?"
ashley once said: But it is worth it. It might hurt when you first plop it in your mouth, but after a few seconds of it being in there it gives you thye best high. Poop is good.
heartbreaker hXc: make sure the poop isnt diseased
heartbreaker hXc: hahaha
ashley once said: Its clean poop. And I never share poop, i eat my own.
heartbreaker hXc: hahaahaa
heartbreaker hXc: okay enough about this

DreamofblooD27: you are hella cunt
DreamofblooD27: or whatever that word is
DreamofblooD27: i am cunt
DreamofblooD27: cut*
DreamofblooD27: so like i was walking down the street, looking for a pet dog/frog to keep, i couldn't find anything so i gave up my conquest. i was walking back home untill out of the forest hopped a dog and a frog together! i was so pleased and tried to pick them up simutaneously, failing nonetheless, i took my handsy grabage bag from my back pocket and opened it up, sticking both animals in. i walked home, animals desperate to get out, i come home and i ask my mom what is wrong, she gave me a disgusted look and told me to go to my room where i found cat puke and dog hair all over my carpet floor, i threw the garbaqge bag on the floor, took the dead animals i mean, animals out. layed them across my ceiling, i mean floor, and ate them....this is what drugs do to you....the end

DreamofblooD27: <>
DreamofblooD27: <>
DreamofblooD27: <>
DreamofblooD27: ^^
ashley once said: whats the i for??
DreamofblooD27: peeny about to go into clit

ashley once said: im tired but i dont wanna go to bed
tofeelnolove: im horny but i dont want to masturbate

"Jan. 30th 2005

I feel asleep last night with my clothes on and my makeup still fresh on my face. I feel alseep last night with my teeth unbrushed and my contacts still in my eyes. I feel alseep with Bright Eyes in the background. I feel asleep with the lights on.
I dreamt a thousand different dreams, all reminders of when I was just a little happier. I dreamt a thousand more bad dreams, where I woke up covered in sweat, I woke up cold and confused and quite alone. I woke up wishing the morning would arive and this cold night would end.
But when morning finally came I wasn't able to get up. My body wouldn't respond to my brain's orders. "Just get UP"
My mom had to drag my dead body out of bed.
She had to convince me to eat something. I poured myself some Fruity Pebbles. I grabbed a fork to eat with instead of a spoon and didn't realize what I had done until I accidently stabbed myself in the cheek.
Now, here I am. Bright Eyes still playing.
I'm dirty, tired and empty.

But what is new about that?

God. "

Katie and I are starting a band.
It's called "123 123 GO!" and you have to fucking say "123 123" as if they are triplets and the "GO" is an eigth note.
Our songs will have titles such as "she's so gothic" and "Listen to the feelings in my pants" and "I can taste the textures".

tofeelnolove: write in your lj that im HAPPY!
tofeelnolove: PIRT IS HAPPY!

DreamofblooD27: im just poopin lyrics out left and right baby!

"Wanna know whats really sexy? I just stepped in cat barf. Yeah, kit decided to be cute and eat my BEEF jerkey and then barf it all over the floor."

maybeinm0ntauk: you fucking canadian cock suckers
ashley once said: i do not suck canadian cock
maybeinm0ntauk: YES YOU DO
maybeinm0ntauk: i saw it
ashley once said: no you didnt -hides large canadian cock behind back-
maybeinm0ntauk: -pulls out sherlock hat and magnifying glass- you little fucker! YOU SPEAK LIES!
ashley once said: NEVER!

"Hahaha, my parents "sent me to bed" because I couldn't stop talking about fernz. I kept saying "Omg, dad! You remind me of a fern!" or "whats that sound?? Oh, I guess its just the fernz rustling in the wind" and "Have you ever thought about a fern..?" or "buy me a fern, buy me a fern!"."

ashley once said: MAN I need to make out with a hot guy.
Iwantablackjetta: -puts on fake mustache and tapes down boobs-

"had a dream I was on an airplane and this kid tried to kill me by throwing a bomb on me. Some how I didn't die. He came over to me and was like "I tried to kill you w/ a bomb" and I said "I know" and then we had sex. Then all of the sudden I was back on the ground at my old house. My mom told me she cloned Kit 3 times and there were all these little black cats running around. "

"My mom told me last night that I "didnt understand how normal people felt".

Iwantablackjetta: ashley=emo

Did you know that people smoke caffiene? Weirdos. I'm way obsessed with caffiene now. I like learning about it.

[User Picture]From: gram55
2007-10-25 11:36 pm (UTC)
haha, I'm glad some of my sayings got to go into this. I totally forgot some of the idiodic things that used to come out of my mouth, or even on aim in this matter.

Nonetheless, it's still funny and enjoyable to look back on.
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[User Picture]From: trayon
2007-10-26 06:44 am (UTC)
Haha man we used to have some good times on AIM.
It's hilarious.
I was laughing out loud FOR REAL reading all these old convos.
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: gram55
2007-10-26 04:58 pm (UTC)
yeah, I was too!
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(Deleted comment)
[User Picture]From: trayon
2007-10-26 06:44 am (UTC)
whatever, he's sexxxxxxy lololololol.

omgggg its almost 3 am and im up writing a paper.

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